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Diane Morrison

If This Goes On (Don't Panic)
BC, Canada
Diane Morrison (she/they) a.k.a. Sable Aradia, is a SFF writer, a Twitch streamer, and a podcaster. They use their various platforms to promote and celebrate other writers and community leaders within the broader science fiction / fantasy community. She is the author of the Wyrd West Chronicles, and her work has appeared in Terra! Tara! Terror!, the Cities of Dust, Planes of Light anthology from Air & Nothingness Press, and the Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast. As a co-host of If This Goes On (Don't Panic), they are a voice for hope and resistance in speculative fiction. You can find her at her Twitch channel twitch.tv/sablearadia, her website www.dianemorrisonfiction.com, or World Anvil worldanvil.com/author/SableAradia.