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Peter Watts

I write SF at the harder end of the scale, informed by my background in the sciences (I used to be a marine biologist). My work tends to focus on neurological issues (consciousness, free will, and space vampires); the biological roots of human behavior; and the environment (including potential solutions to our ongoing destruction thereof, although most would consider those unpleasant since they involve rewiring human nature at the biochemical level to make us less pathological as a species). Story settings range from the deep sea (marine biology again) to deep space. Have also worked in the video game industry on and off for the past twenty years. I've never written a bestseller and probably never will, but I'm published in 21 languages and have won a bunch of awards (including the Hugo) in a bunch of jurisdictions (detailed c.v. available on my website—https://rifters.com/real/author.htm). I also seem to have become a bit of a public speaker (at least, I was before Covid hit) on the above subjects.