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Kari Wolfe

Author/Freelance Editor
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Kari is a horror author originally from Huntington, WV, who moved to Colorado Springs, CO, almost 20 years ago. She has a degree from Marshall University in WV, in physics and mathematics. After proving to herself she could do the “hard stuff,” she then tried her hand at freelance editing and blogging. Finally, she found the impetus to do what she’s always wanted to do when she grows up. Her current focus is short stories with a love for anything dark and weird. In the past, she’s said the darker, the better, but her current loves are simply stories with excellent plots and surprise twists and turns. She likes stories that make her think. As a young child, she grew up reading anything Stephen King, her favorite book being IT. Now she’s infatuated with Stephen Graham Jones, Brian Evenson, Kelly Link, Laird Barron, and others. When not writing or thinking about writing, Kari is asleep or lamenting the lack of ideas she has when not actively writing. Any help on coming up with ideas — or more importantly, learning not to self-select ideas without examination would be fantastic. She enjoys old school conspiracy theories and wishes that she received her Bachelor’s in English Literature or Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology. Perhaps in another lifetime, she would. Video games are a lifeline for her and she has found shelter in games such as Final Fantasy XIV, the Resident Evil series remakes, and other horror games. She is a HUGE Tool fan (and anything else Maynard James Keenan is active in, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle as well). She is married to a software engineer named Tom (yes, Tom Wolfe) and they have a daughter, Natasha, who is 16 years old and autistic. They have the cutest and most adorable cat in the world, a dark calico named Tigger.
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