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Corrales, New Mexico

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Penguicon Featured Guest, Kimberly Nugent, began her career editing speculative fiction and poetry with Far Horizons Magazine as her first position while completing her editing certificate from UC Berkeley. After experience editing shorts and anthologies, she then moved into her lifelong passion, editing games, specifically TTRPGs. After working with wonderful game production teams, she recently took a position at Red Scar Publishing editing, developing, line managing. Her current editing titles include: over ten Infinity: The RPG (Modiphius) books, the Judge Dredd (EN Publishing) RPG books, The Day the Law Died and Rogue Trooper, Kings of War, and Devil's Run (Red Scar Publishing). A recent title she has worked on with Red Scar is Hellboy: The RPG. On this title, she was the project manager, chief editor, and worked on the design.
When she isn’t editing or chasing kids Kimberly spends her time writing speculative poetry. She has had many poems published in Star*Line, Scifaikuest, and multiple poems nominated for Dwarf Stars.
In her free time (HA!), Kimberly enjoys all things gaming, scifi, and heavy metal. She can’t wait to hit the cons and concerts again sometime soon. Two years ago, Kimberly relocated from California to the Albuquerque area in New Mexico, home of all things weird, with her family and two cats, who are lovable jerks.

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