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Jonathan had his first Dungeon & Dragons experience when he was five, when his dad took him to a mysterious shop in Ft. Lauderdale run by a strange bearded man who sold magical books and figurines (Jonathan was pretty sure the dude was a wizard). Since that early introduction to fantasy worlds and gaming, Jonathan has worked in many creative industries, including comics, publishing, editing, and film production. He has his double master's degree in adult education and writing/publishing and is the creator of The Bestiary, a humorous podcast where every episode is an in depth look at a monster from the monster manual. The podcast's first season ended in 2020, with a second season on the way. It has featured guests stars such as Keith Amman, Owen KC Stephens, Ari Marmell, and Robert Kendzie. He is also the co-author, with Robert Kendzie, of the 5th Edition epic campaign, Tomb of Haggemoth.
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