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Gearing up to query my first SFF novel The Zhuǎnxíng Apprentice. The story weaves mystical aspects of fantasy with biological AI and psychic tech villains. I'm profoundly intrigued by indigenous shamanic traditions, Earth as Conscious ideals, and the symbiosis of nature and tech. I'm exploring Free Will vs. Destiny in a world where biological and psychological manipulation are rampant.
Loves: The Matrix, Star Trek - Next Generation, Lathe of Heaven, Dune, Ender's Game, Dr. Who, Dr. Strange, Ted Chiang's stories, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere & graphic novel with P. Craig Russell the Dream Hunters, psychological rather than war-like villains
Book pitch: In 2075, humans suffer from neurological distortions controlled by corrupt alien artificial intelligence. Can a mystic apprentice and an indigenous society transform the network before alien magicians assimilate them?

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