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EDUARDO VEGA aka &** (AnderRigelVega) is a creative collective that extruded into the indigo vertex at rhomboid point 37Hex9 in the latter half of the 20th century, currently using male gender identity . (

I.e. he is a Dominican American author, poet, theater artist and social psychologist. His speculative fiction explores the intersection of personality, power and culture in proximal realities as well as those completely outlandish. His work has been appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Five Fingers Review, and Cailban among others.

Secondary to human manifestation he started writing poetry, plays and fiction at about the age of ten and, despite advice from the best medical minds, he cannot seem to stop. He studied architecture, religious studies, music , english, theater, rhetoric, poetics, dance, art, astrophysics, psychology, psycholinguistics and cognitive science.

Vega has worked as a human rights activist and mental health health expert internationally as well as a creative director, and designer in advertising, legal editor and professional copy writer, research director, writing and acting coach. His plays and performance works for stage have been seen in the US and Europe, including the New York Fringe Festival.

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